Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Welcome to week 4

All is well. the Only way things Could be better is if Simmy was here and not back in Florida. It was a Very good weekend! She arrived On friday around 2:oo and headed off to Vernon. That night we dined with family at the Red Mill Inn. a German Resturant in Franklin. Saturday we were off To BobalinK farm for fresh Baked Bread and Cave aged Cheese, and then on to WarwicK Winery for wine and their wonderful hand Ciders. we ate our bread and Cheese while a local band played a few of Their Own Tunes as well as cours of Bob Dylan, Eagles, and other like Minded bands. from there we head into the town of Warwick, Just for a walk of the Streets and Shops. Back at home broke out a deck of Cards and passed The Time playing Gin Until wee hours of the morning. which brings is To Sunday. a quiet morning, then off To Meeting. In the afternoon we headed off To the Glenwood Mill Bed and Breakfast. A gift to us from MS Brother And Sister in Law. Dinner of Rack it Lamb at the Lamppost Inn with deer running by our window. And there a hawk dropped in, dining On a fresh rabbit. Its agood thing we are both nature Lovers or this would have grossed us Out. As it was, we both watched Keenly, Enjoying nature around us. then bacK to the B and B... Monday we headed to the Famished Frog in Morristown where we meeT up with Some friends for an Early dinner and I sa walk around the town. Back home lie Settled jn to a game of Cranium. Tuesday was a Slow day. first stop the Blue 9 for burgers & fries. And then Sadly to JFK for Simmy's flight home.