Saturday, October 02, 2010

Animal Kingdom Zoo–The Report and Photos

Here’s the report finally. Back on July 31 Simmy & I headed out for a trip to Animal Kingdom Zoo (see previous post). But then life got really busy and I never got around to posting a review and pictures, so…. here goes. It’s a must do! The zoo isn’t big and can be seen in under 2 hours. It does have some animals in cages, but then for the $10.00 entry fee I can hardly expect top of the line topography. They do care for the animals very well from what I could see. Just like Popcorn Park Zoo on entry you can buy feed for the animals. Go for the largest package and have fun. You get a bucket of all kinds for food and a large handful of bamboo branches. You will be able to feed the camels,






and my favorite, the Giraffes.