Monday, December 24, 2007

Smells of winter

Beside the glow of my computer screen, I burn a candle to add a calming aroma to my office. Surprising how something so simple can add so much to easing stress and make the day go smoother.

Monday, December 17, 2007

First Weekend in December


For those of you who wondered were I was a couple of weekends ago.
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A few weeks ago

This is late November, just getting around to posting it.
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Welcome to Monday


What would a Monday be, without a little drama. Almost at dead up 8:00 a phase dropped from the electrical coming into the building and the smell of air handler motors trying to run at half power caused us to take notice. Servers safely shutdown, and work readied to take home. Fire trucks and Police come out nowhere. We were ordered out of the building while they tracked down the problem. 45 minutes later as we were all frozen in the 28 degree weather and wind, we wre allowed back in to a powerless building. The trouble was neighborhood wide and was fixed by JCP&L in less then 30 minutes. 30 miniutes after that we were back in full production, thawing out at our desks.

Just another Monday...

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