Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day weekend wonderfulness

the work portion of the weekend is over and the day of relaxing has begun…. sort of. My cat Cluie decided that it was a normal work day and nibbled my fingers at 5:30 this morning to wake me up. So… I headed down to the kitchen and brewed up a pot of Mocha Java coffee. Not a flavored coffee, but a type of bean that’s smooth and creamy. windows are open so the sounds of birds are filling the kitchen. first in were the ducks looking for breakfast, then came the squirrels. So I threw out some peanuts for them, and that brought in the Bluejays and their loud squawking. The wild rabbits (Pork, Bean, and Beanie Baby) are looking around my backyard looking for clover that survived the mowing. The slowness of a Monday holiday is wonderful. The lack of the need to rush on what is normally a work day feels strange. As does sitting with my wife and watching Master Blasters, which she is enjoying more then me. The day only has a loose idea of what we are doing. No schedules, not hurry, no worries. the hardest part will be getting out the front door. It overcast or I'd be heading for the beach. Temps have dropped into highs in the 70’s. Summer feels truly gone and Fall is rushing in. But I look forward to this. Fall is my favorite time of year. Things seem to slow to a more controlled pace. There is a cool crispness to the air. Sleeping is deeper and more relaxing. Every season has its place, and Fall begins the wind down of the year and Labor Day signals its start.