Thursday, July 31, 2008

DNS Server Poisoning

It's been a week, did your Internet provider plug the security hole in your DNS server?  Check it at and see if you are still vulnerable to attack.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last night's dinner

The Clam Bake was the special of the night at Spike's in Pt. Pleasant. It was almost a 2 hour wait, but worth it. The atmosphere was that of picinic tables and benchs. It's BYOB and no smoking. We spent the wait time sitting out front with a large crowd who broght their beer and wine and were relaxing drinking it while waiting in the low 60's degree weather. As soon as we were sitted. Creamy cole slaw was delivered to the table and as we a few minutes outside to study the menu we ordered our meals. The soups were all good. My lobster chowder was fantastic. While I had the Clambake which consisted of small lobster tail, king crab, clams, mussels & shrimp all steamed with baked potato and an ear of corn, other had the crab stuffed shrimp or Shrimp Scampi. All we VERY happy with their meals. Can't report on their homemade pies as we were to full to try. A wonderful find here on the Jersey shore.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Sailer's Sunset

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Simmy's front Porch Flowers

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Constance and Qunicy still visit

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He Loves Summer

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Pole Beans on the grow

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This Year's Lillies


Just saw that I hadn't posted these so I'm adding. These Lillies lasted for almost 6 weeks. Long enough that Mom's July 4th weekend visit she got to see the final blomming.
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Far Right

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middle Right

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Middle Backyard

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Left side backyard


This is a series of photos for the family.
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This just screams summertime doesn't it?

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Cubanelle Peppers


Peppers and onions on grilled Italian Sausage. I can smell it now...
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Summertime Tomatoes on the way

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Time for Rides

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Seaside, NJ on a Foggy Summer Night

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Imagine cleaning that

This is the Focus glass arrangement this sent the light on for miles
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The South Side

This is the south end of the Twin Lights. You can see the year it was created in the stone of the wall facing the sea.
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I think she sees the Light!


Mom gets a look on of the original Lamps from the Twin Lights Lighthouse in Highlands, NJ.  It was quite foggy this day and the need for a lighthouse could really be seen.  We climbed to the top of the northern tower and got to see the view from the light of Sandy Hook and then somewhere out in the fog there is Manhattan.
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Waiting, Watching and trying to make sense of it all

Events are moving rapidly all around me and I only have a sense of it happening as I think I have hit mental overload. 

My Uncle is waiting on the results of some tests and having a few more done today. the prognosis is very bad. Massive weight loss and aching in his stomach has lead to the discovery of masses in his lungs and hip. He has just retired and should be getting ready to live a life of ease. Instead he is heading into a fight for his life. Waiting for test results to see if there is to be a battle or not. He should know more by the weekend...

My Mom-In-Law is also doing battle with her health. She is currently in the hospital fighting a battle with a bad liver that the doctors say needs a replacement. This is causing all sorts of major and minor issues with her life. She has been dealing with poor health for years and not it is forming as a solid front against her. My wife and I moved her Mom and Dad in with us so that we can give them as much support as possible.

My wife is waiting on the final results of medical tests that started in October that have now been repeated several times

Sometimes all we can do is be supportive to each other.  Whether its a phone call, letter, email, or Txt message.  Sometimes its knowing when to just be quiet and wait.

Like being on a merry-go-round all these things are spinning by, and I am waiting to see what develops with them.

Waiting, Watching...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another weight

Just got the news that my Uncle is in very bad shape. Hard to believe that the man I have had so much fun with whenever I visited him is in this much trouble with his health. I am at a loss as to what to do...  How to help...  What to say... He has worked hard all his life and only retired a few months ago.  Now he has to face this, just as he was getting ready to relax...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

how to Buy an iPhone email arrived this morning... Why?

just got in an email describing how to be ready to buy the new iPhone. Why? True the iPhone is bleeding edge technology, but what about the process of purchasing is it the requires an entire email dedicated to what ID and credit information to bring along.  And if you already have a 1st generation iPhone, what you need to do to ready your existing data and information wiping prior to getting the new one. Besides being handcuffed to AT&T, all applications having to be purchased via iTunes and last of all 3G not available in most areas. Do I think its a new and wonderful product... Yes. Will it live up to all the hype... maybe.  Will it be hacked in less then 24 hours... Definitely! Through the aid of independent developers who will release applications on the web and those who will open up the iPhone for this to happen, Apple may have a winner here. But how much better it would be if they would do all this without public intervention.