Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Days like today are why I'm here...

Got to love day’s like today.  
Bright Sunny and a little breezy.  But cool.  Everything that spring is suppose to be about.  Now if I could only get outside…. Maybe my wireless will reach the side lot of the office, now all I need is a lounge chair, a blender, and sunglasses…

Scrapped from the Intellicast website.
Wed, 26 Apr 2006 15:55:00 GMT (11:55 AM ET)
Reporting Station KBLM
Weather/Sky Clear
Temperature (53°F)
RealFree (65°F)
Dewpoint (21°F)
Relative Humidity 34 %
Wind (mph) E 6
Gusts (mph) Not Reported
Visibility (miles) 10
Ceiling (feet) Unl
Heat Index (48°F)
Wind Chill (46°F)
Barometric Pressure (inches) 30.03 and Tendency N/A
6 HR Precip (measured 0-6,6-12,12-18 or 18-00 UTC/Z) 0.12 inches
6hr Min Temp (recorded 00-6,6-12,12-18 or 18-00 UTC/Z) 43 (°F)
6hr Max Temp (recorded 00-6,6-12,12-18 or 18-00 UTC/Z) 46 (°F)
Yesterday's Low Temp 48 (°F)
Yesterday's High Temp 72 (°F)


Microsoft Office Online: 12 tips for better e-mail etiquette

Microsoft Office Online: 12 tips for better e-mail etiquette: "12 tips for better e-mail etiquette"

This is a must read for everyone who uses E-mail in there business or personal life. These 12 tips can mean the difference between getting your point/message across or your e-mail being deleted before its read.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

George Washington U. to Receive Jack Anderson's Papers -- but FBI Wants to See Them First

The Chronicle: Daily news: 04/18/2006 -- 01

FBI wants to redact documents that are 30 plus years old as they may contain classified information that could be dangerous to have released. If the FBI has not updated it security or still has agents in the field and relies on them today...

Dell unveils 'fastest' consumer laptop | Reg Hardware

Dell unveils 'fastest' consumer laptop | Reg Hardware

The Aliens have invaded!!! Finally!!!

A Bum Night out

The IM came in from home... "what do you want for dinner? I popped back "anything but chicken, how about pork" "No, we are having that tomorrow". Then, thinking of it as a joke I quickly typed back "how about the beach and clams on the half shell" "YES!!!" Now I was in it deep. She had picked up my joke as a real suggestion. Soooo, leave work, pick her up and head out for a drive down the shore. Across Mantaloking bridge and down 35 staying always to the left. Just outside the gates to Island Beach State Park we found a tavern to eat at that had signs out for seafood. The place was called Bum Rogers and they lived up to thier sidewalk advertisting. Large plates of shrimp, deep sea scallops, calamari and fish. A few captian and cokes later and we were full. As we stepped back out in the the evening air it had gotten quite cool out. Windows down, the heat on and back up 35, a quick stop at Rita's for gelati's then home for the night. I nice evening out that helped to re-charge the mind. I need to do more of this spur of the moment thing. Feels good not to have every second of my day scripted.

Monday, April 17, 2006

It's a most wonderful time of the year

Highs in the upper 60s to low 70s and nights in the low 40s… Spring is here!!!  The smell of charcoal burning in backyard grills and fresh cut grass. The sounds of car being washed. Getting the beach gear out, cleaned up and ready. Talking to friends about plans for the summer.  The forsythia in leaves of bright yellow and maples with their’s of red.  And everything else is all shades of green.  The crocus that came up about a month ago was telling… the iris’s that popped up to almost 2 feet high and are starting to bud… all points to spring being here.  Since leaving Florida I seem to love all seasons. The lack of intense heat from Feb to Nov keeps me outside much more.  With only six weeks of high heat even summer is a joy.  I time to head out into the mountains for a trek or into “The City” for an adventure.

It a wonderful time of the year.  
The possibilities are endless…
Got to go, it only lasts so long and I am going to enjoy it.

New Orleans woman runs for mayor of Disneyland | The Register

New Orleans woman runs for mayor of Disneyland | The Register

If you can't do it for real, use the idealic Disney version?