Monday, March 22, 2010

14th Anniversary Get-Away – Day One

A weekend in the mountains is a wonderful and fun thing. We headed north on 94 from Highland Lakes and made our first stop fo the day… Bobolink Dairy. jswhoopingsmall[1] The Dairy is home to some of the best cave ripened cheeses and fresh red brick oven baked breads. They make nicely tangy cheddars and pungent soft cheeses. This time we got a Frolic, a cheddar, and the very bitety soft cheese called Endgame. Jonathan White was there behind the cheese cooler offering samples of cheese to encourage us to try new and exciting tasting cheese. He matched the perfect cheese with the perfect breads. And talking about breads, there were racks of still warm loaves giving off a very pleasing smells. Jonathan, like a proud father, displayed each type, describing it’s flavors and body.image I selected an unusual loaf, one rubbed with garlic and duck fat before baking. My wife got her favorites, Cranberry Walnut breadsticks and a large cheese ciabatta. We continued on 94 and crossed from New Jersey into New York heading for the home of the best Hard Cider I have found, Warwick Valley WineryWinery bandAs we pulled into the parking lot, we could hear the band playing just outside the main building. It was a mix of 60s and 70s rock ‘n roll. Gathering our cheeses and breads we headed inside to purchase our much needed Doc’s Hard Cider. We settled in at a table on the back courtyard and let the sun beat down on us and IMGP2181enjoyed the music, breezes and blue sky. The stress and anguish of our lives slowly started to peel away. Pints of cider and a 1/4 pound of the Endgame cheese later the hours had ticked away.  We decided to move our anniversary dinner to the next day and instead drive around the mountains and valleys. We headed north again on 94 and took a right turn onto 17A, taking a chance that the Belville Creamery would be open with the weather being so nice.   We weren’t the only ones. several cars were there, but the doors were locked, and a sign in the window stated “opening April 12”. SIGH. But the view was still spectacular, as the store is on the edge of a cliff the overlooks a valley. From IMGP2196IMGP2197there it was off to dinner. We needed a really good burger… were… were…. How about the place were “In-n-Out” was filmed. It’s called the Homestead. And they make the absolute best burger and sweet potato fries. The house homestead-1[1]burger is a bacon, mushroom, grilled onions and cheese. The place is in the middle of no where, but its worth the drive. After dinner we headed back to the “Lake House” high in the mountains. My wife then broke out the 2nd of my gifts… Seasons 1 and 2 of “The Big Bang Theory”. We settled in and laughed until it hurts. There are few things in life a great as sharing things you enjoy with someone, but having a wife that just as, if not more, geeky then myself is a joy. And it has made the last 14 years pass quickly and smoothly. Good, bad or just day to day life, she is by my side, keeping me stable. Love you my little girl. 

Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Winter’s catch up

I haven’t had the time to to post as much as I would like. so here’s a quick review in pictures….

We had a few minor snows in January but then we got the double punch in Feb only 5 days apart.

Blizzard Feb 10, 2010-The morning after (5 of 15)

fun digging out.

Blizzard Feb 10, 2010-The morning after (6 of 15)










Blizzard Feb 10, 2010-The morning after (7 of 15)


Blizzard Feb 10, 2010-The morning after (10 of 15)