Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Cool Fall Day

It’s all of 60 outside and heading down to 34 tonight. Our 2nd frost of the year has come and gone. My summer flowering plants are dead. Fall has truly set in and is taking a firm hold on the area. This weekend was spent decorating the front porch and planting bulbs. Daffodils, Hydrangeas, and Tulips are in their beds, along with crocus dotted through out the yard. I have never done the bulb thing and my knees and back are letting me know that I did something new. Here’s a quick shot of the front porch when we were done.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Winterizing on a Fall weekend

Gave the yard it’s final mow of the year. Grass stopped growing a few weeks ago but I was to busy to deal with it. Emptied all the terra cotta pots of tomatoes and peppers and stored in shed so that I will not make the mistake of leaving them out to freeze and crack like last year. Still learning a few things about living in the north and not tropical Florida. Hoed under all the vegetable and flower beds. Cut back all the dead plants and began the process of closing the pool. While today will be a warm on, almost 75 this afternoon, which I am finding hard to believe. Yard Sale is now behind us. Got to get rid of the unsold junk left over. Trying to set aside money for vacation in a few weeks. Don’t need much as most of the vacation will be heading into the woods to take pictures of the fall trees. It’s time to get away for a few days, and unplug from the usual routine of life. A winterizing of my brain. Clearing out the corners and finishing some projects, before winter settles in.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Feeling the Fall

The air has a definite crispness to it and the nights are falling into the upper 40s. The leaves are just starting to change colors, from the greens of summer into the Reds and Yellows of fall. When we have a nice blustery wind, handfuls of leaves take flight in the air and along the ground. Soon that will be whole trees of leaves floating along in the air. A time to air out the fleeces, ready the winter clothes, and enjoy the season. Fresh apples from the orchards, the smell of fires from the chimneys and pumpkin pies cooling in windows. Fall is a truly beautiful season. An ending of the heat and green of summer,and the beginning of the final harvest of the earth’s provisions for the year. A time for the earth to ready itself for a long rest, wrapped in a wonderful white blanket of snow and rebuild itself for next year. Fall always seems to be a quieting of all things. A slowing down. I know I’m wrong about this as the birds, squirrels and ground hogs all are rushed, eating everything they can and getting as fat as possible. Now if I could only KEEP from doing the same…