Monday, July 31, 2006

The final 2500. We had almost 8000 on Sunday afternoon. Complete with severe thunder storms each day, encluding a building shaking thunder clap as the finale to the music on Saturday afternoon Posted by Picasa

the middle 2500 Posted by Picasa

the first 2500 Posted by Picasa

Live from Temple University its the annual Convention at the Liacouras Center. Notice the pictures on either side of the stage. Posted by Picasa

hoovering the seed up at record speed. Just look at those cheeks! Posted by Picasa

running stripes! Posted by Picasa

notice that there is no front license plate. Thats right, this car is not from New Jersey... It's plate is from Florida! This must be fun to see crusin' down the interstate. Posted by Picasa

another view Posted by Picasa

Coming out of Frank's Pizza the other night, this car greeted us. It's a Mini that is outfitted to look like a bumper car. Look closely and you can see the bumper that wraps completely around the car. Posted by Picasa

nothing like a 50's style electric trolly going down the streets of Philly. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 13, 2006

and talking about grapevine... Here is a few small clusters. The Cat birds love them. In a few more weeks the grapes will ripen to a deep purple and if I don't get them picked that day the birds pick the vine clean. Posted by Picasa

Same story with the swing. Now Sim and I have a place to relax and was the birds in teh grapevine. Posted by Picasa

Views of the new additions to the backyard patio. The gas grill was a gift from friends moving to NC and it didn't fit on their truck. NICE!!!  Posted by Picasa

Every week I get at least two ripe tomatos from this single plant. Posted by Picasa

I have gone native! This is my first Jersey Tomato plant. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bagged, boxed and ready to go! Posted by Picasa

Sim's new organization. It's first meeting is tomorrow. It's been a lot of work for her and now its time for it all to pay off. A single day of educating and product samples for the techs from Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Posted by Picasa

piles of Jersey tomatoes, I must be at Basil T's in Red Bank... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A fellow traveler in time and space

WWdN: In Exile: Real Love / It's Only Life

I read this and just had to post a link to it... Life has changed dramatically in the last few years and once again Wil Wheaton's lastest post finds a way to sum it up. The reality is that this happened in stages. Sometimes two steps forward was followed by a single step backward... more about that in the next post. I feel driven to spend some time on a real post and hope to have up later today. But about Wil's post. I got my tomato plant 2 months ago and have been tending to it daily. I have been eating of its fruits and it has been growing big and strong. Thats all until I do the full post. Just read over his post and see how much of it applies and how much doesn't. It's not that Wil is my hero or idol, just that he is a fellow minded traveler in this life with the ability to write about thoughts that I can't find the time to. more l8r... same bat time, same bat channel...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cronkite's boat. For those of you who do not know who he is... He was the voice of news and authority for decades. News has never be the same since he retired. CBS shame on you for the way you treated this man! Posted by Picasa

chillin' on a sailboat Posted by Picasa

shades of Men in Black Posted by Picasa

Scenes from the road. Heading into the North eastern corner of Penn. final stop.. Allentown Posted by Picasa

Blue Grass a member of the lilly family grows wild along the fence line Posted by Picasa

a little closer... Posted by Picasa

It's that time of year again!!! Posted by Picasa