Saturday, December 27, 2003

Philadelphia once again

Well I'm leaving once again for Phili on Sunday afternoon. So off I go into the wild blue yonder. I'll arrive 10:00 pm and be whisked off To a hotel. Wake up is 4:30 am. John & Dave arrive @ 6:00 am, and off in The Van for a 4 hour drive to a client site. Meet with The CEO, CIO & IT lead to iron out their needs & what can be done for them. Then a 4 hour drive back to Phili airport & back home by midnight. And if all goes well, I'll be coming home with a new Salary offer...


The Moleman

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Get an inside peak into the new QRIO, Sony’s new AIBO replacement.

click here for QRIO Pics
For those who are intersted in the Sony rebot development, or for the Sci-Fi lovers of "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

Scraped from a post by Meryl on 12.22.2003 @ 06:39 PM PT of Fame
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Friday, December 12, 2003

Dateline: Wednesday Night

ever almost hit a dog?  Then decided to be a good guy and find the owner?  I would almost say don't...

Following Sim home the other night she almost hit a dog.  We both stopped and got out to make sure the dog was okay.  1-2 years old blond German Shepard female.  Beautiful dog.   well behaved.  and she had a choke collar with a 8 foot leash, but not a license.  walk the neighborhood and knock on doors.  Those at answer at 9:30 at night do not know the dog.  call the local police and they take a report, but then have us call the County Sheriff and file a report, they then ask us to take the dog to the Animal Control Shelter as they only respond to hit or violent animals.  I get eh dog in my dog and start heading out.  I arrive at the local shelter... Closed on Wednesdays....  Back in the car and on the way to the County shelter, almost a minutes drive away... I'm on the phone with their answering machine when the smell hits me.  The dog is car sick and has barfed... the back seat is swimming in puke.  and the smell is deadly.  just then the answering machine voice states"we are closed after 6:00 PM, and only respond to Law Enforcement Officers"...  I stop at the Pinellas County Sheriff's Dept administration complex and ask what I do with the dog.  "There are cages out front the shelter for overnight drop offs".  Back to the shelter and in the corner of the parking lot is a small hut like brick object on  entering I see 6 cages, 2 small, 2 med, and 2 large. I get the dog into a large cage... and full the dish with water.  Its now 1:00 AM... four hours later then finding the dog.  Next stop a gas station with a vacuum unit to try to clean up the back seat.  the dog also took a dump....  scraping out what I could and vacuuming up everything I finally get home about 2:00 AM and spray down the back seat with a carpet cleaning solution.  go inside, take a shower and go to bed.  All these because I care about animals and the people paid to care so don't.....  Things need to change...


Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Monday, December 08, 2003

Welcome to Monday

On Friday they Told Me that I had 48 hours of Vacation Left To use before the end of the year.So...I'm off every Monday till the end of The year. Nice ! ! !
So today Sim is doing Paperwork and I Will work on my website.Things that I don't normally have time To do.
And no...I still haven't heard anything about the money part of the Job offer So far.Hopefully,this week. But the weather up there was Rough over the weekend. lows in the teens and 18 inches of Snow.while it was cool here,lows about 44 it has been up in the 70s each day.Yuck! I need Cooler weather.

Less than an hour

thats all it took before the first Phone Call with a probelm from the office this morning. Good old Roadrunner is blocking our email at work again. If anyone on your Octal does something to get banned they ban everyone on the SubSet. Last time it took almost 2 Weeks to get them to Unblock us.

think I will Just Check Voice Mail Today and not Answer the Cell anymore. this way I don't have to hear The Crap while I am Suppose To be off and having fun... On my time not theirs!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Monday, December 01, 2003

what to tell you... Tuesday the 25th was a day pushed up by 6 weeks.  I ordered up a new T-1 line 2 weeks before and was told that I may have it by the new year.  then someone, somewhere wasn't ready and I got bumped to the head of the line. So much to get done.  The Cisco router needed a new IOS  and additional memory in order to handle the bonding of the new line to the our very first line, so that I could double the bandwidth for our FTP services.  Do the router updates myself, no way, this was a not a job for me to learn on.  A call into the "A" team and a CCIE arrived hours before the line turn up for the IOS and memory.  Good thing too as because of the bump up, the paperwork was incorrect and the CCIE had to work out with the Data line tech a new scheme live on the phone... by the end of the day we were smoking the line.  Plugs out testing was done and we maxed the line at 98% out-bound and 48% inbound. 

All was well...


Thursday was cookie making day.  With cool snap here in Florida the windows got opened and the A/C shut off.  The tradition around my house is to make cookies on Thanksgivings Day.  and my wife went in to overtime on it.  by the end of the day there must have been 48 dozens cookies left on the counter...


Friday was a planned cleaning day and packing stuff for storage.  long day.....


I woke up to the email server at work not being available... a quick check showed the web server to be dark also.  so quick tests proved that the bonded T-1 lines where down.  In on the single T-1 and a bounce to the bonded showed them up as long as I was inside the provider's network.  Call tech support... it's 9:00 AM...  they will run tests and get back to me...  so I try to finish up the packing left over from Friday.  11:00 AM comes and I get the phone call... need you to reboot your router.  head into the office and reboot, send config file, send setup paperwork...  about 7:00 PM I get a Tier 2 tech.  the trouble... paperwork was wrong during install, modified by admin, but the mods never made it to Tier 2 so when an update was run Saturday morning it reset all the ISP configs back to the original paperwork.  We are back up and running


allergies kicked in and I became a couch potato...


back to the office, its payday


l8rs, all