Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Waiting on Trillian

still waiting on the release of the new version of Trillian called Astra.  Would be nice to get the new interface soon, as the creation of skins and plugins has dropped off in expectation of the new version's release.  A kind of stagnation has set in.  "you behind the shed...  I'm still waiting!"

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dinner with Walt Whitman

Still in Long Island as we made a stop at Walt's in the Huntington Hilton. This place has the best French onion soup I've ever tasted and Sim wanted to have some. Been a nice day with her before the craze of the week begins. Ah, soup has arrived... l8rs

EDIT: the soup was BAD! What a let down. It wasn't even served the same. Fried onion on top of the cheese. More croutons then soup... Time to get back to the Red Mill in Sussex County. Never thought a German place would have the best onion soup...

Time for the Ka'au Crater Boys again

"I hear music" and other Hawaiian songs were belting out of my iPod radio as I prepped the yard for flowers and some vegetables in the 80 degree and cloudless sky, yesterday. This year the sunflowers, tomatoes, Cubanelle peppers, green beans and watermelons are getting proper beds to grow in.  More flowers are going to be added as time goes on.  right now the seeds are in Burpee starter kits in the warmth of the shed and covered so that I will have sprouts in 2 weeks to plant.  And the sun felt so GOOD! I'm a little sore from all the hoeing and digging but I love the feel that Spring has.  Everything being born new and being made ready for Summer.  5 more weeks and the pool will be opened and the smell of the grill and suntan lotion will fill the backyard.   Music will flow and ebb in the air and the taste of tropical drinks from the blender will touch my palette.  I no longer hate summer. 

Lunch break is done

Fish-n-chips and back to work for Sim and crew.

On the Road in Long Island

Up and out by 5:30 AM this morning to Suffolk County College in Brentwood NY on Long Island for my wife to teach a class. I'm tagging along as tech and moral support.  A change of pace isn't bad either.  Need to be a little more out of the comfortable rut.  So I'll sit in the back of the class and catch up on a few things for work and then work on some personal items.  Either way it’s a day away from the normal.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Signs of Spring


This isn't the best photo (taken with phone), but this is a cherry tree that has very lite pink blossoms on it. The white pear tress are now in full bloom and covered in thier flowers. The dogwood's are next. The forsythia is out and its bright yellow leaves. The tempetures are hitting the low 50's and the sky is cloudy with April's rain or dizzle. Spring has arrived and everything is being made new...
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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Project: Road Communications

I've resurrected an old HP Omnibook XE3 as a mobile communications system.  It's got Windows XP Home that Microsoft spiffed me years ago ( and has lived in a drawer unopened until now ), a 700 MHz processor and a total of 256 Mb of RAM. It's not much but it will do blogging via MS Live Writer, Skype, and Gtalk.  It's only got a 10 GB hard drive so I've got to keep it to the minimums.  I loaded on Star Office, FireFox and Thunderbird so that there's not much I can't do on the road.  I also loaded on Picasa for posting pictures on the road.  I threw AVG on for some lite weight anti-virus protection.  The goal behind this project is to only run free "open source" software.  I'm interested in seeing how far I can get without having to purchase software.  I believe that there is very little that will hold me back even with this limited setup.  I have added a piece of hardware. I pulled a Microsoft wireless PCMCIA card out of the "junk bin" or more like bins.  Isn't it amazing how much hardware and cabling that you pickup over the years.  I did also install my Sprint air-card software so that I can be truly online anywhere. I may try to scout up some more memory for it.  I would like to get to 1 GB so that I could think about adding video without the flicker.  More from the road...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"American Idol" Contestant Hospitalized, Released - - Entertainment News, Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Rumors

Okay, maybe I'm strange for enjoying this show, but its fun couch time with my wife.  Having said that, David Cook is my favorite to win this season.  I hope he manages to pull through all this and win.  It would be nice to have a rocker win for a change.  We really don't need another Country singer do we?

"American Idol" Contestant Hospitalized, Released - - Entertainment News, Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Rumors

An Apple In Your Palm - Treonauts

I found this article on the Treonauts blogsite is very interesting.  Looks like a company called Elevation Partners bought a chunk of Palm.  Not only that but they have been poaching senior Apple executives, at least 4 so far.  There is also a "next-generation operating system" codenamed "Nova OS" rumored to be under development.

I enjoy my Treo 700wx but there are a few features that I would like to see added and a few that I would like Sprint to allow.  Voice command would be nice, but that's blocked by Sprint so that they can sell it as a monthly service.  Windows mobile can do this by default.  The same with MMS.  It's not allowed by Sprint on the Treo.  What I would like to see from Palm is Wi-Fi, a faster processor, larger screen, better camera, and built-in storage of at least 1 Gigabyte (if I can buy a 1 GB thumbdrive for $15 then how expensive can it be to add it to the phone's board)

While the iPhone is nice, I still want a real keyboard.

Just my opinion...


An Apple In Your Palm - Treonauts