Tuesday, January 13, 2004

The Time Has Come...

okay here's the quick version of the last 30 days.  The guys up north and I have been in discussions about duties and salary.  They flew me up again to Philadelphia on the 28th for a second interview and a trip out to a client's site about 4 hours drive away on the 29th and then back home.  They came to terms on insurance and vacation time and I have a great feeling that this is only through.  I have a temporary date in my head for my move north, but I am being held back by a broken tooth that will require an extraction and then a bridge and it needs to be done before I have a gap in dental insurance.  Timeline  for the tooth repair is 6-8 weeks and that is not acceptable to me at the moment, nor is the cost.  So I will be shopping the two parts around and seeing if A) I can get the price down, and B) get the timeline pushed up.  I need to get up north quickly.  I may need to fly up at least once of not twice before getting up there myself.  They need their network built.  So if all goes well I will still get to see a bit of winter when I get north.  And that's the short of it. 

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