Monday, December 05, 2005

The Snow has Arrived

The Snow has Arrived!!!

It started in the middle of the Saturday night and by morning there was 2 inches on the ground.  This would have been fine but we were away for our Circuit assembly in Buckingham when it happened.  I went out and cleared the snow off the cars in our group and we started out 1 hour early for the meeting.  Roads were fairly cleared and the only real issue was the ice that had formed afterwards.  As I pulled up under the overhead I received a phone call from the PO saying that the assembly program would be delayed 1 hour later then scheduled.  We were there 2 hours before the program.  The groundskeeper hired a snow plow to come and clear the parking lot.  The site’s plow had not been readied as this was an early snow.  Lunch was shortened to 50 minutes and the afternoon sessions were cut by about 10 minutes each so that the day ended on time.  I have never been to an Assembly were that did that before.  A great weekend full on information and friendship.  

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