Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Review: Facebook v1.6 for BlackBerry

It was ready, then it wasn't... almost two weeks ago we were all waiting impatiently for the much anticipated release of the latest version of Facebook, v1.6. Then, on the day it was to be launched, we were all hit from behind by a HUGE (but all too familiar) bus. It wasn't ready. It's not like we haven't seen that happen before, right? ;)
After waiting, for what felt like months (ok, it was only one week, give or take three hours), its here in all its GLORY (clouds open up and let out sunlight from the Heavens). Much like the Facebook we all see on the web, similar to what seems to me the Twitter Status UI, Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you Facebook 1.6 for BlackBerry.

The setup is quite like the previous version. You have the options of syncing the contacts (including images), calendar and BlackBerry messenger. With the contacts sync, the contacts on your BlackBerry are synced with the contacts on Facebook, including all the latest profile information, updated photos (be sure to read their mini "privacy statement" on syncing contacts). Syncing with the calander allows you to accept invitations sent to you on Facebook into your BlackBerry calendar. Finally, checking the box for BlackBerry Messenger allows you to be alerted of a new Facebook message while you are in BBM.

In the options menu, you get the choice again whether you want to sync your contacts, calendar or BlackBerry messenger. Scroll down and you also have a few more options to choose from including the ability to clear the Facebook cache and a link to look for updates.

Composing Messages
Composing messages is very easy. Start typing the name of your contact and you get a drop-down menu of all your contacts in alphabetical order.

Pros: you will most likely never need to log back in from desktop ever again; revamped UI is AWESOME; seriously too many to list
Cons: haven't found any yet
Verdict: the developers over at FB really out-did themselves this time. this update should hold us over until the next major :)
Download link: point your BlackBerry browser to (be sure to remove the www in the 'go to' field)
Check the attachments for more eye candy :)

Review: Facebook v1.6 for BlackBerry

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