Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Storm – December 2009

So it started yesterday morning around 6:00 AM with some flurries, then turned to a steady snow.  This is the backyard as it all began.034 Sim and I headed out to get bagels for the family. I felt the Swedish side of me crave cream cheese with large slabs of lox with red onion. A quick stop at the grocery store for a few things and then we quickly hustled home.  By 10:00 AM there was 4 inches on the ground and the air was full of large flakes. Everything was getting a nice coating of snow.  THEN the wind started and the snow started coming down very heavy. By 0023:00 PM the sky was darken and the winds were blowing around 35 Mph.  We were in near white out conditions almost from then on. I did a quick run to Home Depot for salt, and did the first go round of shoveling of the driveway and front walkway. By nightfall the snow was 20” inches and it was still falling heavily. Drifts were making it almost impossible to open the house doors. This morning The doors were snowed in again and after clearing the front door, porch and the front walkway, the final snow count was an easy 30 inches. I’m including a few photos for your viewing pleasure.


the front porch

another view


and another



yet another


from inside the garage door.


The new Bird igloo


The backyard going left to right


like the foot of snow on the shed


Those lumps as our juniper bushes


Fire pit and bird bath


The view form the front door of the neighbors


The front yard and walk way.

yes its filling back in as it is STILL snowing. Lightly but yes still snowing. Should be stopping soon as the sun is coming out. going to be a big, bright, beautiful day.

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