Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Bum Night out

The IM came in from home... "what do you want for dinner? I popped back "anything but chicken, how about pork" "No, we are having that tomorrow". Then, thinking of it as a joke I quickly typed back "how about the beach and clams on the half shell" "YES!!!" Now I was in it deep. She had picked up my joke as a real suggestion. Soooo, leave work, pick her up and head out for a drive down the shore. Across Mantaloking bridge and down 35 staying always to the left. Just outside the gates to Island Beach State Park we found a tavern to eat at that had signs out for seafood. The place was called Bum Rogers and they lived up to thier sidewalk advertisting. Large plates of shrimp, deep sea scallops, calamari and fish. A few captian and cokes later and we were full. As we stepped back out in the the evening air it had gotten quite cool out. Windows down, the heat on and back up 35, a quick stop at Rita's for gelati's then home for the night. I nice evening out that helped to re-charge the mind. I need to do more of this spur of the moment thing. Feels good not to have every second of my day scripted.

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