Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Days like today are why I'm here...

Got to love day’s like today.  
Bright Sunny and a little breezy.  But cool.  Everything that spring is suppose to be about.  Now if I could only get outside…. Maybe my wireless will reach the side lot of the office, now all I need is a lounge chair, a blender, and sunglasses…

Scrapped from the Intellicast website.
Wed, 26 Apr 2006 15:55:00 GMT (11:55 AM ET)
Reporting Station KBLM
Weather/Sky Clear
Temperature (53°F)
RealFree (65°F)
Dewpoint (21°F)
Relative Humidity 34 %
Wind (mph) E 6
Gusts (mph) Not Reported
Visibility (miles) 10
Ceiling (feet) Unl
Heat Index (48°F)
Wind Chill (46°F)
Barometric Pressure (inches) 30.03 and Tendency N/A
6 HR Precip (measured 0-6,6-12,12-18 or 18-00 UTC/Z) 0.12 inches
6hr Min Temp (recorded 00-6,6-12,12-18 or 18-00 UTC/Z) 43 (°F)
6hr Max Temp (recorded 00-6,6-12,12-18 or 18-00 UTC/Z) 46 (°F)
Yesterday's Low Temp 48 (°F)
Yesterday's High Temp 72 (°F)


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