Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time for the Ka'au Crater Boys again

"I hear music" and other Hawaiian songs were belting out of my iPod radio as I prepped the yard for flowers and some vegetables in the 80 degree and cloudless sky, yesterday. This year the sunflowers, tomatoes, Cubanelle peppers, green beans and watermelons are getting proper beds to grow in.  More flowers are going to be added as time goes on.  right now the seeds are in Burpee starter kits in the warmth of the shed and covered so that I will have sprouts in 2 weeks to plant.  And the sun felt so GOOD! I'm a little sore from all the hoeing and digging but I love the feel that Spring has.  Everything being born new and being made ready for Summer.  5 more weeks and the pool will be opened and the smell of the grill and suntan lotion will fill the backyard.   Music will flow and ebb in the air and the taste of tropical drinks from the blender will touch my palette.  I no longer hate summer. 

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