Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Bad Day

What started off as a great day has ended very bad. Our 18 year cat, Onyx has passed away. She was my adopted child since I married Sim. She brought us great joy with her quirky ways and whiskey voiced meow. She loved everyone and rendered purrs easily. She would sit tall and give us "tuxedo action". A position where her black and white long fur would stand out, she would sit up tall, with front paws together and look so regal. The white triangle running across her chest. She looked the part of a queen. While gumpy sometimes she brought joy and love to all she touched. "Niff" as I nicknamed her, loved sitting in windows and watching the birds outside. She loved to be held in your arms, cradled like a child, with her belly being rubbed. She always met the service group on Sundays in our living room. She had what we know now was a stroke a little after lunch time on Saturday that left her paralyzed on the right side. We rushed her to the animal clinic in Tinton Falls. There we had to leave her for a few hours while tests were run. Then the phone call came that we all really expected. There was nothing that could really be done. She was not getting control of her right side back and X-rays taken also showed a large mass in her chest and another in her abdomen by her liver. The decision was made for us... We headed back with her favorite toy and treats. Simmy held her in her arms and we got a last chance to play with her, She ate handfuls of treats and gave us her loudest and deepest purrs known as to us as "diesel engine" purrs. She was happy. And then it was time. She went to sleep. And then everyone cried and cried. Today hasn't been much better. Everything reminds us of her from toys she hide around the house to her shed fur in places where she slept. How a little cat can take such a hold on your heart is hard to imagine, but not having children, our cats are our lives. She has left a hole in our hearts that will take a while to heal, and she will forever live in our memories with thoughts of the joys she shared in our lives.

Onyx Bredal-Bell (Click here for Picture)
Age: 18
Rescued from the animal shelter in Clearwater, FL by Simmy and her Mom. She was found living in the wild around Crest Lake Park. She was loved by all she met.
She died Saturday June 21, 2008 at 7:30 PM

Thank you Niff for all the fun and laughs...

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