Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy weekend but Great

This is the weekend of my 3 day Assembly. We have been at our new assigned location at the Turnersville Assembly Hall in southern New jersey. This is quite the change from the rural setting of Buckingham PA. Though they did a really nice job of setting the hall back in a heavily wooded area. The trees are full of yellow finches and the air is full of their song. The program has been full of much needed reminders and (spoiler alert) we have had 2 interesting releases. We have been driving home each day, about 1.5 hours each way so not any longer then Buckingham, just not backroads, instead all Turnpike and ACE. Sim's parents are staying in a motel near by, and for the 1st time I can rememberthere was an announcement about a hotel from the stage. Of course it was the motel that they are staying in. Bait and switch pricing, holes in ceilings, and bugs. Fortunitly they have not had any of this but it sounds like a lot of others have. Motel is off the official list. Session getting ready to start. Later all.

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