Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day One – Stress Free Travel or Life’s Final Attempt to be a Killjoy

Simmy planned our takeoff day well. Sunday in the middle of the afternoon. This way no matter what my work week was like I would have all day Saturday to get ready. Boy did she plan that right. The week was loaded in unexpected events and ended with me pulling a really long Friday at work. But then Saturday came… My packing choices were few, so I was packed and really to go in under an hour, she took most of the afternoon to pack. Guys definitely have it easier in this area. We can get by with a few items and don’t have to worry about matching accessories.


Time to Go

We got to the airport as planned, 2.5 hours before the flight. The idea was lunch and “We’re on vacation” festive drink while waiting for our flight. The plane was of course late to arrive. We were quickly boarded, we got better seating as Simmy’s leg was still in a walking cast, and in minutes the doors were sealed and we lifted off. Next stop… Orlando, FL. A few hours later we were on the ground, bags in hand, and ready to get our transportation. Simmy opened her purse and… could not find her driver license. Instant HIGH stress level! Everything was booked in her name and was to require her ID. I ran ever scenario I could think off through my bogged out head. I was fighting hard in my mind to find a way to get her an ID, then I hit me… why?  I could  just use my ID and have them re-issue the paperwork in my name. If I had thought of this earlier I could have saved us 20 minutes of extreme stress. but then it was over and vacation really began.


BTW: My girl know how to work a deal. Cost for 2 round trip tickets, travel insurance ( with our family, it’s not an option, many a vacation has been canceled at the last minute due to someone getting injured or sick), and 1 checked bag…. $90.00. AWESOME!!!


Bonnet Creek Resort

By 6:45 we were at checked into our suite at the resort. Simmy again came through. The suite was VERY nice.

Drop the bags, grab cameras, vacation fun starts…. NOW! The phone rang and our friends coming up for dinner were minutes away. Pile into car and off to Downtown Disney we went…. all of 2 miles down the road.  Raglan Road was just what I needed. Strongbow on


tap and an outdoor table. Sun went down and the cool of evening set in. Nothing feels quite like being at Downtown Disney in Pleasure Island. The flow of people on vacation and not in a hurry is different from the parks.  This is a place to relax and stroll. A few Strongbows later, dinner arrived. Irish marinated and sauced short ribs. The first of several good meals. we sat around and talked until midnight, and then it was time to say goodbye and crash. The next day we were going to need a lot of energy.

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