Sunday, November 15, 2009

The short but needed Vacation

My lovely wife made all the arrangements and told me nothing besides the days to take off. A week before I was told what type of clothes to pack. Shorts, T-shirts, and sandals. It was to be a warm weather trip. A few days before she let me know to make sure to pack a swim suit as there was to be a day long special event that would require one. My mind raced with the possibilities. I was to not be disappointed with the plans. This was also to be my first trip with my first real DSLR camera. I felt that I was ready for anything. I just needed to get away. While I love my In-laws, it does mean very little alone time with my wife. The last few years have been quite an adjustment. In that time we moved from being a couple living in a small bungalow, my job being 1.5 hours away to having her parents living with us in a large house and me with a new job that is not always a 8-5 day, but is much closer to home. Last year our “vacations” where surgeries. My gallbladder and her thyroid. We did get away for a 3 days weekend, but we pushed so hard to get there and back there was really only 1 day that we relaxed. I am learning that I need to carve out more time to relax and let things go as I get older. My trouble is that I take things to heart and treat them like life and death whither they are critical or not. As I get more stressed, everything is do or die. That’s when I really HAVE to get away or my head will explode and then everyone hates being around me. This time I was feeling it, but not seeing it, so Simmy stepped in and took over and wouldn’t take no for an answer. She knew what i needed. So…  the next few posts are an quick review of what she did for my mental health.

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