Thursday, October 09, 2003

After a day on the road and 1000 miles in one day I arrived in Manassas, VA. to meet my wife. She flew out on Sunday morning to teach classes in the VA / DC area. She is an educator for a manicure/pedicure line, and she teaches nail techs how to use them correctly. So Tuesday morning about 5:00 AM I hit I-4 out of Tampa Bay and over to I-95 north bound. Arrived Manassas about 8:00 PM. I was really glad to be out of the car by then. She then took me out to what I must say was the best BBQ I have had in a while in a place called "Red, Hot and Blue". Great sauces. If you can, you must try the vinegar and the Sweet sauce together.

Wednesday morning we both were officially off work. Sim had already scouted the area for things I might like to see. While Washington DC was only across the river, it was just too much for me to deal with the traffic and she knew it. So just about a 1/4 mile from the hotel was the Manassas battle field. What is it? This is where the first battle of the civil war was fought in a place called Bull Run. There's a flash back from history class.

After that we headed for Brick, NJ to see some old friends. Having a great time with them. However Terri's cat had to make an emergency trip to the vet's office and we are waiting not so patiently for test results. Tomorrow we are off for north NJ to see my nephew and his parents. The little guy is about 5 and smart as they come. I haven't ever had more then an hour or two with him since he was less then 1, so I am really looking forward to spending a few weeks with him. I also understand there are bears in the area so I brought along all the camera equipment. I will post pics later on my website. That's all for now. Nothing like a vacation to brighten things up. And too my surprise... no phone calls from the office yet, so that is the greatest gift yet.

l8rs all...

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