Thursday, October 02, 2003

Meeting with the Boss?
after yesterday I am trying to get a meeting with the boss. I need to talk to him about yesterday and just what it is that he is expecting me to do. I am the IT manager with the boss/owners entire family working here in manager positions. I am the only IT person in the office and therefore technically a manager myself. But now he is calling and asking me about the other managers who are family as if I know what their projects are and the status of each one. Am I now their manager? Did I some how become responsible for the whole office? This and much more needs to be addressed with him. 2 year ago, when I got my last raise, the network was 12 compares and a server running Microsoft Small Business server. Today it is 7 RAID servers for a total storage of 9 there abouts, exchange server, web servers, terminal servers, Cisco routers, 2 T-1 lines, Ftp servers, etc... All this in just 2 years, and all with out training, other then me reading up on things as I grow. Yet no raise, and no "thank you"s. I have become the dark office at the end of the hallway. Something that you pass by on the way to the breakroom. An article that I read the other day stated that tech's are the forgotten if all is running well. But if we are needed to troulbeshoot, then we are the hated as we often have to tell the user that the trouble is them and not the computer, and just how could that be... Users never make mistakes. Just more of the morning ranting. Hopefully I will get in to see him today and throw some of the stress off my shoulders. I may be unemployed by day's end. Who knows, who cares... Either way the stress will be relieved some...

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