Thursday, September 25, 2003

And lastly this morning,

For those of you that are wondering about the name "the MoleHole". My senior year I had one half a credit needed to Graduate. And that was the year they decided not one could graduate early... so I took my first not extra credit elective... Graphic Arts. I was already in love with photography, and this just made it worse. spent all my time in teh darkroom skipping any class that I did not need to graduate. after serveral hours in teh dark I would come out with squinted eyes and earned the nickname "MoleMan" and the darkroom became the "The MoleHole". and it has stuck to this day... though photography has taken a back seat to computers. more on where to see some of my photos on the web later. Right now the site is full of family shots and not "real" pics.

Have a good day all. We've made it pass the hump and are on teh slide down to the weekend.
besides it T-minus 14 days till vacation... the office is already sweating it, as I am the only IT person in teh building...



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