Thursday, September 25, 2003

The pain of just getting Mobile 2003 delivered

First Sorry but I have to rant somewhere. After ordering and waiting fo rmonths for Dell to ship, I was surprised by a phone call telling me it was on its way. I eagerly logged into my account and there was an airbill number ... and on the Airborne site a notice that there had been a delivery attempt (no one home to sign). A quick phone call.. Dell truncated my address and dropped my Apt #. Corrected via the phone call. I got home.. quick distress, no we missed you slip on the door. hit the Airborne website... Delivered? It's not here, but there was package from UPS... Back on phone with Airborne. Yes they delivered it to the front door of the house..? I live in a condo... to what address.. why 123..., mine is 213... we will pickup and redelivery on Monday... again the website said delivered again... and still no package. One driver picked it up and another deliveried back again. Another phone call to Airborne.. now I have my own personal account rep helping. Ahh the real troulbe, in teh process of updating for the missing Apt #, the "tech support" altered my address from 213 to 123. Correction accomplished... Tuesday.. no package... call again, couldn't find anyone at home to get package back from, Wednesday and still no package... Airborne suggests that since I live close, maybe I could go get it... And I paid for 2nd day air... Now its Thursday morning and I have the feeling that the package will still not be here. I have a few side jobs to do today before getting home so I will not be able to make my daily phone call to Airborne today.

between Dell and Airborne I am starting to like PPC 2002

Did a backup again last night... maybe I'll have it today... could have had it shipped ground and saved the money, 2nd day has now slipped to 7 day...

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