Monday, September 29, 2003

and welcome to Monday.
I arrived to a dead phone system. the PBX appearantly didn't survive the power outage. so the solution... call our phone service company and...
1) un-wire the lines out of the PBX and have people get cordless phones form home and bring in. This leads to my room not only being loud from the fans blowing in cool air, the servers drives spinning, but now I also have the ringing of the base units.
2) get a new PBX and have installed... this arrives about 12:30 PM and installation beginning
to give teh guy access I have to dismantle the comm corner so that he can get to the wall.
3) installation complete, now the programming of the system begins... 3:00 PM
4) testing of the programming and the signing of the agreement to pay...
5) go home to a few rum and cokes.

Mondays and good times....

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