Wednesday, September 24, 2003

SO a little about what I hope to accomplish with this Blog and maybe a little about me.

1) my spelling is horrible. just ask those I IM daily. But I will try to work on it.
2) just turned 39... large laugh from my wife as she counts down the days until I awake with lillys on my chest at 40
3) I am an a major fan of the Dell Axim X5 PPC ( see )
4) I am every company employee's nightmare... The Network Administrator, not Nick Burns, but more along the line of "Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie". You just won't believe the things that users will do and try to hide.
5) Music.. Jimmy Eat World, Norah Jones, Nerf Herder, Sarah McLachlan , Catch 22 and the current favorite... Streetlight Manifesto
6) Movies... Matrix = great, Matrix Reloaded = average, Spiderman = fantastic, Daredevil = what were they thinking... more later

And tomorrow, if all goes well, I 'll post the long tired story of an Axim X5, Mobile 2003 for PPC, Dell patches and repatches, Airborne 2nd day delivery and hopefully the final delivery 7 days later...

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