Monday, November 17, 2003

I received a call, message on my cell phone, from one of the places in NJ that I sent a resume to!!! While I was in my room at work were cellphones don't work so will he, the President of the company, did leave a message and his cellphone number to call him that evening.  The trouble was that I didn't see the message until late that night and I didn't call him back over the weekend, thinking that, like most of my fellow managers and the owner, likes to be bothered by work unless it an emergency over the weekend.   Sunday night as I turned the ringer back on to my Cell, silenced while seeing "Master and Commander", He had called again!!!  My bad choice for thinking that he wouldn't want his weekend interrupted... Duh!!! So I will call him back today at lunch and see what he interested in about me!!! 

more to come...

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