Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I've been to Mount Airy...  I live in the Tampa Bay area and no one here can get it together to do this kind of stuff in our Downtown.  Clearwater where I work or the "mall" in downtown Tampa would be great for this but no!!!  Some small town in the mountains does it...  And we are not talking about an area with a lot of money, for crying out loud, there is a quarry in the middle of town that dynamites three times a day and shakes the town.

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Mount Airy -- the town that provided the location and the inspiration for Mayberry in The Andy Griffith Show -- is rolling out an 18-blog-wide WiFi network.
Working with Mark Spencer of 8021Link Inc., Mount Airy set up a Wi-Fi network covering 18 blocks. Several merchants already have signed as for hot spots and have added "Internet Hotspot" signs. The network augments the community's use of the web to tout business and tourism. It's web site ( is a treasure trove of Mayberry information. Wi-Fi was a logical next step.

"You already can see people coming downtown – not in droves but in 1s, 2s and 10s, carrying not only pocketbooks but also computers," says Bradley, who has run the Chamber since 1998. On a recent Saturday he stopped in at the Good Life Cafe. "There was a guy on one of the PCs set up in the coffee shop," he says, "and another guy was at a table with his laptop.

"This is just pretty darn cool!"

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